Artificial Reefs: Restoration Beyond Recreation?

Results are encouraging

While artificial marine habitat development helps strengthen our ecosystems and fisheries, it also helps to strengthen our economy and our community. This is why we vigilantly monitor, measure, and study the SWARA reefs—augmenting and improving our efforts to “Create Living Reefs for Generations.”

Check out this awesome list of species we’ve observed on the SWARA reefs so far, highlighting notable soft corals, anemones, and other invertebrates.

White telesto, Colorful sea whip, Sea whip

4-5 common species

Benthic Invertebrates
Fan bryozoan
Light bulb anemone
Overgrowing tunicate
Sea frost
Sessile annelid
Solitary tunicate
Star encrusting sponge
Tubular horn bryozoan
White tangled bryozoan

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